Metalastik Vibration Isolators

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Type of Machine Types of Metalastik Mountings
Rotating Equipment
Stationary installations Vibration Isolators
 Combustion engines mounts
Vee Mounting Cushyfoot Cushyfloat
Mobile installations Vibration Isolators
 Vehicle engines, Compressors
 Generators,  Marine engines mounts
Cushyfoot Metacone Vee Mounting
Sensitive Equipment Vibration Isolators
 Electronics, Cameras,
 Fans, Small Pumps
Fanflex EF Mount Two Bolt Flanged Mount
Transit Protection Vibration Isolators
 Test Equipment
Vehicles Vibration Isolators
 Engines, Cabs,
 ROPS cage Metalastik mounts
Metacone Cab Mount Cab Mount
Instrument mountings Vibration Isolators
 Electronic Racks
 Radio TX/RX, Mobile
 Computer Systems
Two Bolt Flanged
Heavy Duty Vibration Isolators
 Off Highway Vehicles
 Vibratory Screens, Large
 Engines, Public Service Vehicles
Rectangular SAW Circular SAW
Motion Control Vibration Isolators
 Motion Limitation
Vehicle Suspension Vibration Isolators
 Pivot Arms, Trunnion
 Mounts, Gearbox Mountings
Spherilastic Metaxentric Metalastik Rotoflex Coupling
Miscellaneous Parts
Metalastik Height Adjuster washers

Metalastik Anti Vibration Mounts and Vibration Isolators

Metalastik is a registered trademark of Trelleborg Industrial Anti Vibration Systems.  Metalastik has a long history of producing quality vibration isolators and anti vibration mounts.  Being aquired by Trelleborg has only added to the quality and performance of these vibration isolation mounts.  Let us help you choose which Metalastik vibration mount is correct for you.  At Mission Sales and Supply, we have years of experience in anti vibration mounts and vibration isolator applications.  Also, being the authorized US distributor for Metalastik and Trelleborg, we are directly connected to the engineering team there at Metalastik.  Contact us and let us run an analysis on your anti vibration application.  You will find that these Metalastik mounts are second to none.  Whether it is marine, defense, industrial, or specialty vehicles, Metalastik has the solution that you need.

Metalastik Part Numbers

Our parts are referenced by the original Metalastik part numbers.  As Metalastik was aquired by Trelleborg a few years back, the metalastik parts received new Trelleborg numbers as well.  Our site attempts to have both of these numbers, the Metalastik one as well as the Trelleborg number, within a table on each of the part pages.  The Metalastik part number can also be searched for using the drop down part list on the right hand side of your screen.  If you only have the Trelleborg number, type it into the search box above and to the right and you will be directed to the appropriate page.  Once there, scroll to the bottom and find the Metalastik part number that matches up with the Trelleborg number that you have been given.  Thank you for your understanding.  As always, if there are any questions about Metalastik or about which vibration isolator would be best for your application, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Specifications for Metalastik Mounts

By clicking on the appropriate Metalastik mount above, you will be taken to that vibration mounts particular page.  Within that page, you will be able to access more details about each of the particular Metalastik products.  For instance, you will be able to see which Metalastik parts are in stock, how many are in stock, as well as current pricing for these mounts.  We have also included a list price so that you can see how our prices stack up with those of our competitors.  If you cannot find a particular metalastik product, more than likely we have recently sold out and are awaiting our next batch.  Contact us to check on the status of any missing mounts.  You can also click on the link "View information on selecting the correct Metalastik part".  This will give you a catalogue page that outlines the specifications and dimensions or our metalastik products.

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