MDS Vibration Isolators

Trelleborg MDS 95 Vibration Isolators
The MDS mount is designed to handle high dynamic shock loads while limiting mount movements in all directions, MDS=Multi Directional Snubbing. In static working load range, the MDS mounts have linear stiffness characteristics allowing easy prediction of mount deflection and isolation performance. Typical applications for the MDS mount would be engine mounts for both mobile and stationary applications, cab mounts and accessory component mountings on a chassis frame. Off-road and highway vehicles, military vehicles, agriculture vehicles, construction equipment, industrial mobile equipment and transport equipment.

Features and Benefits:
  • Dynamic efficiency in all directions
  • Attenuation of structure-borne noise
  • Accommodation of misalignment and distortion
  • Simple design - easy to install
  • Fail safe installation
  • High rebound capacity
  • Standard bolt torque assures proper assembly
  • Sized for English and Metric bolts
  • Long dependable service life
  • Steel snubbing cup limits vertical movement
  • Fits standard engine brackets
  • Economical

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Part Number Quantity on Hand List Price Our Price per Unit Purchase
11428-45 27 42.13 27.77
11428-55 170 42.13 27.77
11428-65 271 42.13 27.77
11428-70 31 42.13 27.77
12681-55 40 27.73 24.18
12681-65 100 27.73 24.18
MDS 110/5825-65 40 118.98 87.00
MDS 66/4020-55 10 48.63 37.55
MDS 80/3820-65 10 55.95 43.22

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