Novibra AV Plate

AV Plate

Novibra® type AV Plate
The Anti-Vibration Plate is intended, primarily, for applications with low requirement for vibration isolation. Typical installations are machinery generating vibrations in the high frequency range, and tall unstable installations, requiring secure attachments to the foundation.

If insufficient deflection is achieved with a single layer, multiple layers can be used by separating each layer with a weight distributing steel plate. In order to avoid direct contact between machine and foundation, a rubber bushing (e.g. rubber hose) should be installed in the mounting holes prior to installation of bolt and rubber washer.

Suitable applications are:
  • Pillar drills
  • Transformers
  • Large pumps
  • Printing presses
  • Industrial fans
  • Horizontal drill presses
  • Textile machinery
  • Large forging presses

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