Novibra Vibration Mounts

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Novibra Vibration Mounts
Type of Machine

Type of Novibra Mountings

Rotating Equipment
Stationary installations Vibration Mounts
  Mounts for Combustion engines
 Compressors,Generators Mounts
Mobile installations Vibration Mounts
 Mounts for Vehicle engine, Compressors
 Generators, Marine engine mountings

Sensitive Equipment Vibration Mounts
 Electronic mountings, Camera mountings,Fan mountings, Small Pump mountings

Transit Protection Vibration Mounts
 Computer mounting,
 Test Equipment mounting
Novibra VT VT M Series BA
Vehicles Vibration Mounts
 Engine mountings, Cab mountings,
 ROPS cage novibra mountings
Instrument mountings Vibration Mounts
 Electronic Racks mountings
 Radio TX/RX mountings, Mobile
 Computer System mountings
M Series
Heavy Duty Vibration Mounts
 Off Highway Vehicles mountings
 Vibratory Screens, Mounting Large
 Engines, Public Service Vehicles
SAW Rectangular SAW 3 Inch Comp
Building and Construction Vibration Mounts
 Inertia Mounts,Heavy Plant
 Ductwork Mountings, Supended
 Ceiling Mountings
GK VT VT Trelleborg AV Plate

Machine Tools Vibration Mounts
 Lathe Mountings, Punch Press Mountings, Mounting Grinders
 Woodworking Equipment Mountings

TF Trelleborg AV Plate
Motion Control Vibration Mounts
 Rebound mountings,
 Motion Limitation mountings
Vehicle Suspension Vibration Mounts
 Pivot Arm Mountings, Trunnion
 Mountings, Mounting Gearboxes
Miscellaneous Parts
Novibra HA washers

Novibra Anti Vibration Mounts and Vibration Isolators

Novibra manufactures quality anti-vibration mounts and vibration isolators.  Novibra was purchased by Trelleborg Industrial Anti Vibration Systems and is now under the TIAVS umbrella.  Novibra now has the production quality second to none.  With Novibra and Trelleborg anti vibration mounts, you can always rest assure that you are getting quality vibration isolation technology. The application riding on these anti vibration mounts is worth a quality mount from a quality company like Novibra. When it comes to the protection and safety of the people working for your company, trust Novibra anti vibration mounts.

What are our most Popular Novibra Mounts?

When it comes to the marine industry, the most popular Novibra mount that we sell is the RAEM series.  These mounts are used with applications that have a thrust bearing, or aqua drive, type system where outside thrust is not handled by the mounts.  These mounts are fastened to a steel frame and then the engine is leveled upon the top caps of the mounts.

Our most popular Novibra mount for isolating generators is going to be found in the RA or the RAEM product range.  Both of these mounts are great solutions with similar designs.  The main difference between the two is that the Novibra RAEM mounts have a slightly higher profile and are designed to handle vibration better at lower speeds.  The "EM" stands for extra movement which occurs at lower rpm and idle speeds.  They will typically provide a slightly higher degree of isolation than the Novibra RA mounts.

When the highest possible degree of isolation is needed, our most popular mount tends to be the M Series.  The design of these mounts allows for a lot of static deflection and the highest possible degree of isolation.  The Novibra M comes in both a 2 and 4 bolt pattern depending on the size of the mount you require.  One disadvantage of the Novibra M mount is that it does not incorporate a "fail-safe" design.  This means that in the event that your application rolls or becomes inverted, there is nothing to keep your application from pulling away from the base that it is mounted to.

Our most popular Novibra mount for creating a shock buffer or rebound protection is our ANB.  The ANB functions like a bump-stop.  The steel base fastens to the surface needing protection and a cylindrical rubber portion protrudes toward the object that is colliding with your surface.  There are various sizes of the Novibra ANB depending on the force you are needing to control.

If you require isolation of heavy duty industrial equipment, capable of handling rugged terrains and larger shock loads, the SAW mount is our most popular seller.  It can be used on its own or in tandem with another SAW mount.

If you would like to know what the most common solution is to your application, give us a call and talk with one of our Novibra mounts specialists.


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