BA & Double U-Shear Vibration Isolators

Novibra® type BA and
Metalastik® type Double U-Shear

Novibra® type BA and Metalastik® type Double U-Shear are equally suitable for isolating vibrations from low speed machines and equipment. Protects sensitive and lighweight units from external shocks and vibrations.
Type BA and Double U-Shear are easy to install and ideal for applications, e.g.
  • Light fans and compressors
  • Portable gensets and pumps
  • Computers and electronic units
  • Transit cases
  • Measuring and test instruments
  • Gauging equipment

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Part Number Quantity on Hand List Price Our Price per Unit Purchase
BA 20 A 10 75.28 70.37
BA 50 B 11 97.00 84.74

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Part Number Cross-Reference
Drawing Number Trelleborg Part Number Old Novibra RAB Part Number
BA 100 A 10-00149-01 2255270
BA 100 B 10-00150-01 2255280
BA 20 A 10-00145-01 2255230
BA 20 B 10-00146-01 2255240
BA 20/2 A 10-00005-01 67868
BA 20/2 B 10-00006-01 67876
BA 50 A 10-00147-01 2255250
BA 50 B 10-00148-01 2255260
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