Metalastik Cushyfloat

Metalastik Cushyfloat™ Vibration Isolators

Metalastik® type Cushyfloat™ Vibration Isolators
The Cushyfloat™ mounting is a general purpose unit designed to provide effective isolation of vibration and noise arrising from both static and mobile equipment including:
  • Marine, industrial and vehicle engines
  • Generator sets
  • Pumps
  • Compressors

Part Number Formats -
The first six digits designate the series of the Metalastik Cushyfloat
(17/1600, 17/1609, 17/1657, 17/1841, 17/1990)
The dash number indicates the durometer rating (stiffness of the rubber)
-45, -55, -65, -75

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Part Number Quantity on Hand List Price Our Price per Unit Purchase
17/1600-45 450 40.84 34.78
17/1600-55 148 40.84 34.78
17/1600-65 70 40.84 34.78
17/1609-35 1 99.18 89.19
17/1609-45 112 99.18 89.19
17/1609-55 35 99.18 89.19
17/1609-65 94 99.18 89.19
17/1609-75 100 99.18 89.19
17/1657-45 88 140.42 134.42
17/1657-55 163 140.42 134.42
17/1657-65 84 140.42 134.42
17/1657-75 173 140.42 134.42
17/1841-50 4 912.36 865.52
17/1841-60 28 912.36 865.52

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 Metalastik Cushyfloat Features

The Cushyfloat mount was originally designed to be used in isolating vibration in marine engine mounts.  It has a design the incorporates a three-way vibration isolation technology.  It is designed in a manner so that once loaded, it gives a some what large static deflection while providing great isolation in the shear and compression of the mount.

The design of the Metalastik Cushyfloat incorporates bump and rebound control features which limit excessive movements under shock loading.  There is a top metal cap on these mounts that gives protection against corrosive environments.

There is a Fe/Zn8C finish that helps resist corrosion attacks.  You will note on the specifications page that propeller thrust has been accommodated for marine engine mounts.  There are four versions of the Metalastik Cushyfloat that are available that have differing rubber hardnesses within each size range that provide for application loads from 70 lbs. to 6,600 lbs. per mounting.  Natural frequencies as low as 8 Hz can be isolated.

* When using the Metalastik Cushyfloat as a marine engine mount, the max load capacity is reduced by about 1/3 of the original load capacity.  See the link above for more information on selecting the correct vibration isolator.

Metalastik Cushyfloat Cross-Reference Chart
Drawing Number Trelleborg Part Number
17-1600-45 10-00535-01
17-1600-55 10-00536-01
17-1600-65 10-00537-01
17-1600-75 10-04525-01
17-1609-45 10-00545-01
17-1609-55 10-00546-01
17-1609-65 10-00547-01
17-1609-75 10-00548-01
17-1657-45 10-00557-01
17-1657-55 10-00558-01
17-1657-65 10-00559-01
17-1657-75 10-00560-01
17-1841-40 10-00605-01
17-1841-50 10-00606-01
17-1841-60 10-00607-01
17-1841-70 10-00608-01
17-1990-45 10-01150-01
17-1990-60 10-03146-01

Cushyfloat Part Numbers

As you may already know, the Metalastik Cushyfloat is now under the umbrella of Trelleborg Industrial AVS.  The newest catalogues reference the cushyfloats with the new Movex numbers.  These numbers will typically begin with a "10-" designation.  We have attempted to compile the above cross-over list so that you can easily find which cushyfloat part number correlates with which Movex number that has been given to in within the newer catalogues.  Most of the catalogue pages will have both the Metalastik Cushyfloat part number as well as the Movex number listed to help with this, see the above link "View information on selecting the correct part". 

Blogging these mounts

We have also began constructing many blogs about the applications of the Metalastik Cushyfloat mounts.  Just select the blogs tab on the menu bar above to be directed to this page.  Once there, you will find many blogs that pertain to specific applications as well as how to properly install the HAD height adjustor kits with these mounts.  The cushyfloat has become one of the best all-purpose vibration isolators available.  Although the metalastik cushyfloat was designed to handle the rugged environment of the marine industry, it can serve so many different purposes by supplying excellent vibration isolation.  If you have any questions, please contact us today.

Diagram Drawing of the Metalastik Cushyfloat

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